You leave a used teabag hanging under your rear-view mirror. Why? This is amazing.

Anyone that has owned the car likes that new car smell. However, this does not stick around for long. Spilled drinks, having a wet dog, as well as the smell of food can make the cars stink. That is why many people prefer to make use of expensive air fresheners in order to get their car smelling nice. However, there is a particularly inexpensive manner with which you can transform your car into an oasis of aroma.


More than often, the stuffy smell is due to the high humidity. Without the humidity, there is no smell. So, how can you deal with it? What is the product that can smell good while at the same time absorb moisture? The answer lies in the innocuous item in the house, the tea bag. And the best part is that you can find them in a variety of flavors.



In order for you to impart a particular scent of tea in your car, you need to first thoroughly clean out the car. Remove any kind of little crumbs that you can find in your car, particularly under your seat.


Then, select a kind of tea that you personally like; it may be black tea with flavors like vanilla or caramel.


Also, you can hang the tea bag from the rearview mirror in the place of your normal air freshener.

Note: – You can also make use of the used tea bags. However, make sure that they are dried thoroughly in order to get the desired effect.


It is the tea that will absorb this entire unpleasant odor, and provide a wonderful and pleasing aroma. However, it is important that you replace this tea bag from time to time. Depending upon the flavor and the intensity, you can always choose a different kind of tea. The best part about the refreshing the air with this method is that it does not add any kind of toxic fumes to your car.


TIP: -If you do not want to hang the tea bag in your car, a symbol a small scent bag. Simply pack the tea, aromatic oils into a small wooden towel, and tie it up pretty well and hang it in your car. This way, you will be able to have a natural and relaxing experience during the long drive in your car.


It is very simple for you to create the air freshener, and save yourself a ton of money. Moreover, another benefit is that you do not have to sit in the company of toxic fumes for hours; instead, you can enjoy the natural scent of your tea. Give it a go!

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