You freeze 1 cup of washing detergent. MacGyver wouldn’t have even thought of this.

It does not matter if it is the summer time for the winter; you need to at least have a cool pack in your home at all times. It is such small cushions of comfort that can help you out, irrespective of the weather, at any unfortunate circumstances like swelling or even stomach pain. However, did you know that you could actually make your own cool packs with some of the ordinary household items? So, in case you don’t have any cool packs, or you would simply like to save money, below mentioned is a cool trick for you to try out.

You need the following items: –

A sealable freezer bag.

1 cup of dishwashing liquid.

¼ cup consisting of alcoholic cleaning agent although, it is optional.

So, let’s start:

Firstly, you need to mix the two liquids together, and all of them into the sealable freezer bag.


You can make use of the dish washing liquid or even a different mixture, but always using the same quantity of water and the alcoholic cleaning agent.


At least three fourths of the bag should be full when you use the zip lock, and try and get rid of the maximum air from the bag.


To remain on the safer side, put the main freezer bag inside a second one, and then seal that. This is to prevent any kind of seepage from the primary bag. Then, put the bag on its side in the freezing container, as if you keep it standing, then it would form massive chunks of ice within the liquid.


The two liquids kept within the bag will never freeze, but will always remain soft. If you ever require defrosting the bag, all you need to do is to reuse the liquid to clean the dishes. After all, it is the dish washing liquid that has been used to make the cool pack.


You can watch the entire process on video given below.

A wonderful advantage to such kind of home-made solutions is that these cool packs can remain cold for even longer periods of time than the traditional ones. However, always keep in mind whenever lay down the cool pack on the skin directly, as the severe cold would result in frostbite. It is always best for you to place a towel in between the skin and the pack. Such kind of home-made remedies can be made use of repeatedly, and they are extremely flexible in accordance to the purchased equivalent and can adapt to your needs and demands as well.

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