Woman thinks she looks better after grotesque lip injection

For many people happiness is hard to find. You find yourself constantly striving for bigger and better things.

This particular story would make you wonder if wanting more in life is an actual addiction or human instinct.

A Bulgarian named Andrea Emilova Ivanova is getting all the attention of social media due to her exaggerated lips. 

Andrea used to be a normal student however she always felt there was something missing. One day she made appointment at all of the plastic surgery clinics she could find in her area.

Her obsession was to have bigger lips because she thought that she would find happiness the day her lips were “perfect”. 

Her lips were as huge as grapefruit where she wasn’t even able to close them properly, sadly she still wasn’t happy with the results of the injections. Her next plan was to triple the size them.

Imagine all that money spent on all of her lip injections, with each session costing roughly 165 dollars. Many people are commenting about how she needs to do more lip injections and are supporting her through her “lip” journey. 

Either the world has gone totally mad or people are commenting for entertainment while not considering encouraging a mentally ill woman to continue with her addiction. 

Andrea Emilova Ivanova might be struggling to find happiness, she may be feeling lonely and is addicted to attention. There’s also a possibility she might have a mental illness and is addicted to the procedures.

Who knows she might even regret her decisions deep down inside, but she is too far to turn back and rather fakes she is happy with bigger lips. 

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