Woman 49 Claims Cannabis Oil Cured Her Brain Tumour After Chemotherapy Failed And being Given Only Months To Live

A woman suffering from an incurable Brain Tumour now claims to be Cancer free after Using Cannabis Oil when traditional Chemotherapy treatment failed to work.

Lynne Cameron was given just a few months to live and was devastated along with her family when Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy failed to reduce the size of her Tumour.

Lynn desperately started looking in to Alternative Medicine and Tailored Diets and in a desperate attempt to try and beat the Cancer.

After a friend suggested trying Cannabis Oil a sceptical Lynn did her research and decided to give the treatment a try.

She returned to hospital several weeks later to have scans and much to her and the assembled doctors astonishment the Cancer had completely disappeared.

Lynn who hails from South Lanarkshire in Scotland told the Daily Record “I found it hard to believe it would cure Brain Cancer so advanced”

“Each scan i received after that showed an improvement”

Lynn had been warned that the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy was unlikely to have much effect on a tumour such as hers and she had a 6th MRI scan which revealed she was now Cancer-Free she realised that it was the Cannabis Oil that had cured her.

Read more here on how Cannabis Oil can help to fight Cancer – http://bit.ly/2xU2Mgm



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