Wife is mad at her couch potato husband. But when she sees his shoes, she’s in tears.

Deiride Sanford very often gets frustrated when her husband comes home and just plops down on the couch while she is constantly working, picking up after everyone. This mother of two and also an Army wife living in South Carolina has had enough. However, when she recently saw the work boots of her husband, she began to think about her unjust frustrations.


“Ladies, there are a lot of you complaining about how your husband does not help around the house, does not pick up after himself, or does not want to take you around when he gets home from work. All he does when he comes home is to complain that he is tired from the day’s work, and turns on the TV and plays video games until it is bedtime. However, most of us do not realize the things that they go through. Well, I was one of those women as well. That was, until today I picked up after the mess created by my husband becoming increasingly frustrated. When I picked up his work boots that he had purchased six months ago, I realized something. This is the pair of boots that he does not wear every day; he rotates them throughout the week. Even then, when I looked at the bottom of them to see if there are any clumps of mud, I saw this. The expensive 6 months old Rocky Boots had been worn down to such a level that there was a gaping hole in the soles of the boots. I almost had tears in my eyes, and it is not because he ruined a good pair of boots, but it took me a long time to realize that when I told him he’s not helping in the house, I just do not understand the amount of work and hardship that he has to go through. All he wants to do is to come home and relax with his family.

The only thing that I want to get across to housewives like me is to appreciate what your husband does for the family. Yes, they are unacceptable in the kinds of mess that they create. But they do a lot of things for us. To protect us, provide for the family, and ensure that we have the kind of freedom that we deserve. Even our husbands do appreciate the kind of things that we do. They may not show it all the time, but this certainly appreciate that we clean the house, clean all the folded clothes, cook the food that the, take care of the children, and put out the uniforms so that they can sleep a bit late in the morning instead of getting up at 5 o’clock to get everything done. You are their rock of support, and they are yours as well. So, the next time you have a yearning to yell at your husband because he left his boots in the hallway; have a look at the bottom of it.”

A husband that surely deserves this wife!

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