Widow Joyfully Waves To Students Every Morning. Then One Day They Tell Her To Come Outside…

It was a daily ritual for Tinney Davidson and her husband to joyfully wave out to the children every morning, lunch time, and the late afternoon. At first, the children thought that it was discomforting. Why were these old folks waving at them for no apparent reason? Then, they realized that they were just being nice, and it was just a small show of sincerity and affection that will brighten up their day.

The years went by and the students sort of became accustomed to their waving and they doing so in return. More so, even after the death of her husband, Tinney continued this tradition. She says that she simply loves to do so, and it’s been a lot of fun for them.

So, one fine day, the students invited her to come to their school. They gave her gifts, kind wishes and letters with a lot of love. The assembly was dedicated solely to answer. Tinney just could not believe all of it, and she was in tears. She felt overwhelmed with the amount of love and support.

In life, it is something as microscopic as a simple wave from the window that can have a lot of effect on you. It’s just a shame that such kindness is not recognized anymore, and foremost, it can be uncomfortable. However, when you take a look at it, you realize that it is such kind gestures of love and solidarity that make this world a better place to live in.

Please share this video so as to proclaim the same amount of love that Tinney has shown towards the children!

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