Which Dice Completes The Sequence?

Are you good at puzzles? Weill if you think you are then try solve the following puzzles below. Take your time and really try and solve it before you look at the answer.

Scroll down to reveal the answer!

Ok try some more of our other puzzles below if you think you are really smart. We will have the answers at the bottom of the page

Do you see both above or are you only able to see one? It’s hard not to see it once you see it.

Have you spotted it yet? If you were not able to spot the 250 then skip this one and come back!

This one is pretty easy. Are you able to read it upside down? It’s pretty hard right?

Let us know in the comment section how many you got right!

The answer to the 250 is that its right in front of you! The 250 in the sentence!

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