When This Peaceful Protester Is Charged At By The Police, Her Response Has The Whole World Silenced!

The iconic image of Leisha Evans in Baton Rouge, Louisiana protesting has had the whole world silenced. She stands confidently, unfazed by the armed police in riot gear that seem to be swarming towards her.

This is one of those iconic images which bear a striking contrast between calm and peaceful woman and that of the intimidating and aggressive armed men.

Notably, one of the darkest weeks in the history of the United States of America, the picture of the 28-year-old Leisha Evans has gone viral across various social platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and a lot more as the even swallow the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling, the 37-year-old.

When Leisha saw the demonstrations, this nurse and a mother to a five-year-old son was so overcome with emotion that she decided upon travelling from her home located in New York in order to get involved in this protest. This was her first ever march of protest in Baton Rouge, and she did not appear to be in agreement with the actions of the police during the demonstrations. So, she simply folded arms and had a fixated look on the police officers, at which point they handcuffed her before taking her into custody. Along with 102 other people all of whom were protesters at the scene, she was charged with trying to obstruct the highway. She had to spend 24 hours in jail for this “crime”.

Let’s just hope that the simmering tensions start to cool down. Whatever your current opinion on the situation, it goes without saying that we all think highly of Leisha and the bravery she has displayed and has taken a stand, which may well go down in the books of history.

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