When This Man Poked A Massive Blister, He Didn’t Expect What Would Come Out Of It At 0:57.

Almost everyone has experienced blisters on their feet. Mildly put, they are annoying and painful. Generally speaking, they are pretty easy to get rid of; a simple pop and draining the abscess with a sterilized needle and the blister along with the associated pain are soon to be forgotten. However, this man did not do the normally intended thing to deal with blisters. He simply let it carry on to become a massive and an aged blister on his feet. Now, it is an entirely different story that unfolds when you poke and drain an old blister……

Ugh, disgusting!!! A pro tip for anyone with similar problems: it is highly recommended to let the skin remain in case of fresh blisters. However, if the blister is old, particularly like the one that you see in this video, it is always better to remove the skin and disinfect the entire area in order to prevent infection. A wonderful piece of information for your hygiene needs.

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