What’s the Ideal Woman’s Weight for Her Height, Age and Body Shape?

The ideal weight will always be something that would go well with your overall health. However, there are some limits to it that you need to keep in mind.

It seems to be a growing trend that many women have been trying to take pride in being overweight, while there are some that prefer to lose too much weight.

You will come across so many calculators of ideal weight and appropriate weight charts online, many of which claim to be accurate.

However, below is a unique chart that has been developed by some of the leading doctors and specialists in this field.

In this chart, you would not find model proportions which are unhealthy. It takes some of the factors into account when then estimate the perfect, ideal weight:

Using the above-mentioned characteristics of your body, this chart would be able to predict what is the ideal weight for you to have a healthy living.

So, use this chart get the correct indication of your weight. It is important that you are physically active and eat nutritious food to keep your body strong and in working order.

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