12 Wedding Disasters No One Ever Expected #9 Is Every Brides Worst Nightmare

Here is a list of some of the worst wedding disasters ever. If you are planning on getting married then you can take some tips from this!

1- Watch your step!

2- It’s obviously a bad idea going on top of a horse on your wedding day.

3- When the baby wants something he gets it!

4- How come no one shouted to let them know?

5- I guess no one is getting married anytime soon…

6- I thought he was going to eat her.

7- Stuff of nightmares right here…

8- Weight distribution… Key word here…

9- She looks happy!

10- Oh dude… You messed up…

11- ” Ill just give that a little kick… “

12- All the pre wedding training is paying off…well kinda….

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