Video Captures Rare Case Of Twins Fighting In The Womb

Identical twins are pretty uncommon especially when they show up on an ultrasound. Only three or four out of every 1,000 births are identical twins, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Since over 300 million people live in this country, your chances of buming into an identical twin are much better than winning the lottery.

When rare circumstance surrounds the birth of those twins, the probability of the kind of birth becomes mind-boggling.

We all know that one person who defies every statistic? The ones who win the lottery, then survive getting struck by lightening?

Only by chance would the oddly humorous scene in the full video unfold.

For the most part, twins seem to stay out of each other’s way when we see them in ultrasounds.

But two twin sisters in Yinchuan, China shared a much closer relationship before they were even born.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t always on the friendliest of terms.

Four months into their mother’s pregnancy, the twins were shown apparently fighting in an ultrasound.

The twins kick out at each other between sessions of grappling and punching.

The footage was filmed by their 28-year-old father, who goes by Mr. Tao, and was posted to the video app Douyin.

Tao thought it was amusing to see his unborn daughters boxing so he thought the rest of the world might get kick out of it. He decided to record and upload the clip to TikTok where it quickly went viral.

As funny as the footage is, it doesn’t show the extent of the twins’ relationship.

While his wife was undergoing some amniotic fluid testing, Tao said the twins were hugging.

As he said, “We were so touched. The babies were so small and they knew how to look after each other. I believe they will live with each other in harmony when they grow up.”

It is unlikely that you engaged in this kind of behaviour when in the womb.

Unlike these two, you probably didn’t have to share an amniotic sac with your twin.

However, the situation could’ve potentially been a lot worse.

This situation is so rare medically because normally, this would result in Vanishing Twin Syndrome, in which one twin absorbs the fetal tissue of the other in the womb.

Lucky for these girls, mild fighting seems to be the extent to their brawl.

Not only did the pair in the video share this sac, but they also shared placenta.

This makes them monochorionic monoamniotic (mo-mo)twins, which are rare as they only occur once in 35,000 pregnancies.

There’s an unfortunate reason for that.

Mo-Mo twins are about as high-risk as it gets.

After 26 weeks in the womb there is only a fifty percent chance twins survive. Twins are at risk of their separate umbilical cords getting tangled, which can leave either without sufficient blood flow to survive.

It almost seemed like this fate might befall the fighting twins.

The heart rate of one twins dropped suddenly due to a tangle in a large part of their umbilical cords.

Emergency section took place at the General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University.

These twins needed a miracle to come out on the winning side of premature labor survival statistics?

Thankfully the surgery was a success and the first pair of Mo-Mo twins that hospital had ever seen were born.

They were born at 32 weeks on April 8 thanks to a caesarean section. The eldest weighed four pounds five ounces, while her younger sister was three pounds nine ounces.

Their parents have already picked the sweetest nicknames for them “Strawberry” and “Cherry.”

The names were after their mother’s favourite fruits, so it’s fitting metaphor.

Take a look at this amazing video which captures twin rivalry from these two unborn babies.

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