Users Showed How Different Instagram Is From Reality

Nearly everyone has an Instagram account to prove to others that they are living their best lives. However, maybe it’s a big facade?

Thankfully some users reveal what their lives look like without photoshop and filters.

Take a look at these Instagram photos vs the real photos which were shared on Instagram by some users. It might just improve your mood today.

1. Looks beautiful after a quick cleanup reality will be revealed in a few hours.

2. At least one picture taken during the entire process may look Instagram worthy.

3. If you aren’t organized just take a look at the bigger picture!

4. Cats owners of the Instagram reveal reality of owning one.

5. Picture on the left is so fake it would shock some people.

6. When you then looking Instagram can you into a professional make up artist.

7. Super cute….until a couple of minutes later.

8. Another totally fake picture….

9. Correct angles can make you look super fit.

10. Nobody wakes up this perfect!!

11. If people posted before and after photos from the gym.

12. Trash doesn’t look great…

13. Beach pics are so fun and easy!

14. How many shots were needed for that perfect one?

15. Oh yeah everything is perfect in Paris!!

16. Real gym pictures.

17. It might be a good idea to invest in waterproof make up.

18. A dog’s life….

19. Too hungry to arrange for a pic….

20.Quick transformation.

21. Can you spot the error here??

22. Did she use an alien filter?

23. How did her tag disappear?

24. Motherhood at it’s finest.

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