Panic On The Underground: Tube Passengers Terror As ‘Thick Smoke Pours Into Carriage’ Forcing Evacuation

At approximately 9:00 AM BST Oxford Circus Station was evacuated due to fire and smoke on a tube train. Four people have reportedly been taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. The station was quickly evacuated and trains have not stopped at the station for three hours.Pictures quickly appeared on social media showing smoke billowing out from a Baker-loo line train sitting on a platform. A spokesperson for the TFL (Transport For London) said the cause of the fire was an electrical fault. The station reopened and services resumed at around 10:50 BST.

London Ambulance Service said it treated four people at Oxford Circus for smoke inhalation, two were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

Oxford circus train station evacuated due to fire on train.

Smoke billows from a train at Oxford circus station.

Fire crews tend to the fire at Oxford circus station. Tom Singer, who was at Oxford Circus station at the time, had the following to say about the ordeal. “As we were waiting on the platform you could smell something coming in, as the train was coming in, and as it got closer the smell got stronger and stronger.” He added that as the train came in it was clear passengers had been moved from one of the carriages, and then when the train came to a stop people “came pouring out”. He said: “There were a lot of people with hands over mouths and coughing a lot coming off of the train. “It looked like it was just one carriage that had the problem.” He said he also saw smoke coming from underneath the Tube train.

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