Town Thinks Missing Girl Is Dead. 11 Days Later, He Decides To Follow This Dog Into The Woods…

Krina Chikitova, a 4 year old girl had wandered into a Siberian forest and got lost. However it was for Karina’s faithful dog which remained by her side always and warded off the bears and wolves, and kept her warm during the nighttime temperatures which are freezing, she lived to tell the tale. She lived only on berries and water.

When Karina’s grandmother first saw she was missing, she thought that the little girl had gone to join her father in their remote village to find work. However, she quickly discovered that the little girl had not joined him and called the police. Over 100 people banded to search for her by air and land.

A week passed before Kyrachaan, the dog returned to the village. When they saw her, they just assumed that the little girl did not survive. But they realized that dog was trying to lead them towards her.

In the incredible video, which was done by the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Replublix Sakh, you can watch the moment when the rescuers saw Karina.

Karina had wandered into a Siberian Forest and got lost, but it was her dog Kyrachaan that stayed by her side and kept her warm. 100 people searched for her by sea and land.


A week had passed and there were still no signs of the girl. However when Kyrachaan arrived, they thought that the little girl did not survive.


However, the rescuers were quick to notice that the dog was leading them to Karina, and hence they followed the dog into the jungle.


After being missing for eleven days, rescuers found Karina hiding in a tall bed of grass, only 4 miles from home.


Although she was weak and malnourished, Karina only had bug marks and scratches. Her dog saved her!


She was dubbed ‘Mowgli’ by the villagers from the little boy in the Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ who was in a similar situation.


Karina’s story shook the whole country, and a statue was created known as ‘Girl with Dog’ which was unveiled at the Yakutsk Airport as a tribute to the little girl and the dog that saved her.


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