Toddler disastrously cuts sister’s hair, then stylist saves the day making the cut look amazing

It can be a handful raising a toddler while two can feel overwhelming. You never know what to expect next.

Although it sounds exciting things can get pretty exhausting. Downtime for mom is usually a luxury she can no longer afford to take.

When the opportunity presented itself Breana Naylor of Queens Creek, Arizona, jumped at the chance of some quite time especially since she and her husband have two toddlers, Colt their 3-year-old son and Kimber their 2-year-old daughter.

While Naylor was getting some peace and quiet she decided it was time to check on her kids after some time who had suddenly become silent.

“A few more peaceful minutes pass and I’m like, ‘Fine, I’ll be a responsible parent and check on my kids.’

She discovered two of them were hiding in the closet. Then she noticed pieces of hair on the floor and saw Colt holding a pair of scissors.

She described the scene as Colt “holding the scissors up to Kimber’s head and she was sitting very still as if he instructed her to do so.

Kimber seemed to have followed her older brother’s orders. Naylor instantly realized what was after happening. Colt had cuthis sister’s hair!

Naylor got quite a kick out of the whole thing. She confesses “When I saw the damage, I just laughed.”

However her husband was less enthusiastic about the incident.

Naylor contacted her stylist, Jen Bullock, informing her of the hilarious situation.

“I said ‘Jen, forget about my hair, Kimber needs your help!’”

Bullock arrived at the house an hour later, ready to fix things. Bullock transformed Kimber’s lopsided, spur of the moment cut, into an asymmetrical, clean design.

Naylor was surprised with the final result.

“I’m not sure if Kimber realizes how rad she really looks. It’s as though her hair matches her spunky personality now, or maybe she’s more spunky because of her rad hair.”

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