This Terrible Photo Of Miley Cyrus Made Her Finally Go Sober

Miley Cyrus has revealed she has finally gone sober. After a disturbing photo popped up online she finally decided to make the decision.

Miley Cyrus has had a very interesting life considering that she is still very very young.

But now she has finally opened up and revealed some very daunting information about her past.

What she revealed was the most shocking confession anyone could ever imagine.

Miley Cyrus became very popular as Hannah Montana and was always on earth screens. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus was a famous singer. This might have helped when she made her debut on the show Hannah Montana at only 13 years of age.

The series was very popular and went on for almost 4 years and then stopped filming in 2010 which left many fans very very disappointed.

After her brief encounter with Fame during her four-year span on Hannah Montana Miley decided she was going to follow her dream of becoming a singer.

She had some very popular songs including party in the USA and The Climb.

It was only when she released video called Wrecking Ball where she appeared half nude people began to think something was drastically wrong.

It was also around the same time she made headlines for some of the most rebellious antics anyone has ever done.

From getting tattoos and smoking marijuana she made tabloid headlines around the world.

Many people dubbed her just another Disney star who finally went off the rails, but maybe that was not what actually happened.

But it was only in an interview on ” The Big Ticket ” that she revealed she had been sober for 6-months

She explained that her mental health and family struggles really helped play a part in choosing to go sober.

She also said she really got fed up of the devastating hangovers and the effect it had on her body.

And finally here is the photo!

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