This man bakes 256 crayons in the oven. But what comes out two days later isn’t too shabby.

Peter Brown, an American is a pretty enthusiastic craftsman. He has spent his entire life experimenting soft materials, primarily wood in his workshop. Now, he diverts his attention to working with crayons and making something amazing out of it.


He purchased hundreds of crayons in order to make something special with them.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all the wrappers. Remove them efficiently by placing them in the freezers. This way, the wax can shrink, and the wrappers can be removed pretty easily.


Then he starts sorting them according to the color and placing them in a baking pan.


He then puts them in the oven. The crayons start melting at about 140°F, and lose a bit of mass.


After this mass has effectively cooled down, he removes them from the baking pan. It looks like a stable block. But what can be created out of it?


He creates a hollow section within the block, and goes straight through.


Then he starts heating on the top side for a little bit, and then puts it in the block which contains a turning lathe.


Then then uses a gauge and starts working using them on the edges so as to get a nice, round structure.


Gradually this round structure starts taking shape. You notice a bulge which is formed at the top end…..


….the bottom half gets cut off. However, now the result can be distinguished, it is a vase which is made out of melted crayons.


The unique thing about this particular vase is that it looks unique, and since it has a wonderful arrangement of individual crayons, it looks one-of-a-kind.


In this video, you can recreate all the steps mentioned above for a wonderful project:

Although the traditional items of wood or ceramic are not used to create this vast, it is still a wonderful creation. If you have crayons lying around in your house, then you can make such cool things with them just like Peter has demonstrated. To go through more amazing creations, visit his Facebook page.


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