This Live BBC Interviewee Getting Interrupted By His Kids Is Amazing

Ah, live TV can always be a bit of a risk, can’t it? Technical problems can crop up, nerves might get the better of you or your own kids might even sabotage you.

Like what happened to BBC correspondent Robert E Kelly when he was taking part in a live broadcast from Busan about the very serious matter of the impeachment of the South Korean president.

Credit: BBC

Do his kids care about the impeachment of Park Geun-hye, though? Nah, not even a little bit.

It all starts off serious enough, until BOOM a toddler bursts open the door and bounds into the room, hoping for a starring role on the Beeb.

Robert looks less than impressed as he causally tries to palm-off the child. He’s a proper professional, this guy. It’s almost like he doesn’t even know there’s a small, hyperactive child in the room.

However, one kid making an impromptu appearance on the BBC isn’t enough for this family, and a few seconds later a baby in a walker crashes into the room.

And if all that isn’t enough for you, a panicked mum or nanny then rushes in to see where the kids are.

The way she crawls out the room is the best thing you’ll see on BBC News this year, by the way.

I think overall, we need to say a massive ‘well done’ to Robert who has proved himself to be the consummate professional.

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