This little girl looked normal when she met her boyfriend. Now her face is puffy, but he loves her just as much!

This is a love story that will definitely touch your heart. It is about 12-year-old Stella who was from New York that had fallen in love with Lucas Lowe. They had various common things, including something which was devastating. This pair met in the hospital, and they were both fighting against one of the deadliest forms of cancer, which is acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This type of cancer has a lot of typical symptoms like fever, fatigue and joint pain, but they can slowly turn serious. Stella and Lucas have both undergone intense chemotherapy sessions in various hospitals.


The two have also undergone bone marrow transplants, which is an extremely painful process.


However, these to quickly bonded, and have found a lot of support from each other, whenever they find themselves getting weighed down by cancer. As they got older, the puberty starts setting in, and it truly transforms into love.


Lucas says” She has had a crush on me for a long time, and it was the same with me too. That’s why we are a couple.” The ‘dates’ that they go to, are a bit different than what kids do at their age. They like to spend time together by having lunch, or play board games.


They have also had their first kiss, but only on the cheeks.” We are not allowed to case anyone without having our mask on, but she does it anyways,” mentions Lucas. Stella is overjoyed and feels like a princess whenever they are together and mentions “Yes, there are a lot of setbacks and awful things, but Lucas provides me with all the support I need.”


It is this devastating illness that has not only made them inseparable, but has also made them a lot more mature than their age. Stella is not being particularly well, and the doctors are trying to find out why.


Lucas has decided to make a wonderful video to support his girlfriend and give her the strength in order to help her carry on. He made a very touching sign which says, “You are my light and laugh,” and written on the other side, “when you are feeling sad, so am I.” You can check out the video;

Lucas has given Stella a friendship ring to show that he cares. They are going to dance together at the prom, because there is no certainty that they will have the same chance the next year.


The parents of these two youngsters are also surprised at their love. They act like they are an old married couple, according to Jennifer, Stella’s mother. “What cancer does is to teach you that there is no guarantee of any tomorrow, “says Lucas’ mother.

What we can do is to share their story to show people the courage to fight on and hopefully help this two to live their life cancer free together in the near future.

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