All fathers love their children and some are willing to go to great lengths to make sure that their kids are happy. But most often dads aren’t given quite as much credit as moms who are usually expected to take the lead when it comes to raising the children and taking care of the household. When dads find themselves alone with the the kids, they are usually bombarded with advice from mom, other relatives and even friends. But men don’t like to be told how to do things and this stubbornness can often lead to some very confusing and sometimes funny situations with the kids.

This is exactly what happened to Greg Wickherst, a single dad from Colorado. He spends a lot of time with his daughter Izzy and tries his best to make sure that she receives just as much love and care as children raised by their mothers. Izzy’s father does just about everything that a mother might normally do. He dresses her, feeds her and is simply there for her when she needs him. But there was one thing that Greg couldn’t quite get the hang of and it was something very important for a little girl like Izzy.

Izzy needed a haircut and Greg decided that he could do it himself, so he grabbed some scissors and started cutting away. The end result could only be described as a disaster, which was no surprise considering that Greg had no experience with cutting hair. He also had no idea how to do a simple braid. “I used to just part her hair. Then one day I started trying to put pony tails in and for some reason, I couldn’t figure it out,” admitted Greg.

But he was determined to learn how to style his daughter’s hair and on his lunch break he stopped by the cosmetic school at IntelliTec College where he works. He asked the students for some help and the young women were more than happy to show him a variety of styles that would look great on a girl Izzy’s age.

Greg is very proud of his new styling skills and has posted pictures of his creations on the Internet, gaining the attention and admiration of a lot people. His Facebook page called “Greg Wickhert’s Dads Guide to Surviving Hair” has already garnered over 29,000 likes.

He has even managed to impress himself by mastering some very tricky styles such as the French braid, the fishbone braid and the waterfall braid.

And if Greg ever does decide to switch careers and become a full-time stylist, Izzy’s friends will surely be lining up to become clients. After all, not all fathers enjoy styling their daughter’s hair like Greg does and most of them probably wouldn’t have the patience for it if they tried.

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