This Furniture Commercial Is TOO HOT For TV In America…I’m Laughing So Hard I’m Crying!

So what kind of a child were you? Did you leave your parents as soon as you turned 18, or did you move out after a few more years when you found out that you had passed your welcome and had legally become an adult?

There are many parents that simply make the house wonderful for the children, and it comes as no surprise that the kids do not want to leave! For example, take a look at these parents that built a wonderful playhouse for their children. The kids would definitely want to spend a lot of time playing in it, even when they turn adults.

However, there are also some parents that are ready for their children to move out as soon as they finish high school. Maybe, what they would do is to sit down with their children, and help them plan when they are going to move out. Or, you could take these parents in the IKEA commercial that would simply scare the children into making them move out.

The commercial starts off pretty safe, when the mother comes home. However, as soon as she goes to hang the jacket, you realize that there is something that is not normal. He happens to be in a sexy lingerie, and that is not even the strangest part. She starts whistling and grabs a pitchfork and seems like she’s calling an animal.

That is when the father comes into the picture with only a pig mask and the underwear. The mother started chasing the father around the living room, but the funniest moment is when their daughter comes home with her boyfriend. The stone faces were testament to how embarrassing the situation was. Well, the main theme behind it may not be a 100% accurate, but it certainly says that it’s time for you to move out from your parents’ house.

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