This Bull Was Primarily Bred For Its Enormous Muscles. However, Watch Closely When He Turns To Walk

There is an entire branch of science dedicated to crossbreeding. It is a complex practice, and it mainly involves breeding one species with another one, just so that you could find the perfect balance between breeds. It takes years, even decades and several generations of those breeds thrown in the mix to achieve the perfect balance. Although, we are familiar with a variety of domesticated current species like dogs, horses and cats, but they are primarily the result of crossbreeding for centuries in order to reach their specific quality like that of being physically powerful or easily domesticated. However, the breed which has been shown in the video has been concocted for a totally different purpose.

Belgian blue is a breed of cattle which has been established in the early 20th century, and it has been bred for a particular purpose: muscular hypertrophy. In common terms, it is also referred to as the double muscling, and it is seen as a benefit for the cattle breeders, due to its highly desirable quantity of meat that it produces, according to the Australian Journal of Agricultural Research.

The Belgian blue cattle are extremely popular in Australia and Europe, and very recently, they have been introduced to the United States of America, reports the Oklahoma State Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. USDA has proclaimed that the meat from the Belgian blue is in tandem with the standards acceptable, and it’s excellent as well.

So, what is your stand on such kind of crossbreeding practices? Comment in the section below and share your thoughts about such a practice.

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