This Breastfeeding Mom Sparked A Mixed Reaction After Posting Viral Photo Online

Brittni Medina posted a photo of herself breastfeeding at Disneyland and it is now gone viral. The interactions and mixed with some supportive and some very negative reactions.

Brittni posted the picture on Facebook in dedication to all breastfeeding mum’s. In the post she says that she was waiting to take a picture and then her 10 month old baby got hungry. She then proceeded to take off her top and decided to feed him in public.

In the photo you can see two very angry looking women in the background. Medina continues to breastfeed and just smiles at the camera.

She posted the following on her Facebook:

So we are APs and go to Disney often. Well my little man is 10months and BF! So we’re pretty comfortable feeding anywhere; any way. Well these ladies were so angry by it my husband just had to take a picture. Peep the haters

Characters of the day Just had to get a picture!

She made an update after receiving some feedback

UPDATE #1: Because people want to act all bent out of shape no I was not walking around feeding him in this moment ( I have tho before and would do it again) I was standing in a very long line to get our picture taken my son got hungry and I wasn’t going to wait in another line again. So I took off my first top and nursed. These women were making snarky comments so I moved from my spot to catch a picture with these characters. Not for attention for me but attention to the fact NO WOMEN SHOULD BE SHAMED FOR FEEDING THEIR BABY UNCOVERED.

She then made another update after getting some feedback!

Update #2: 
Thank you everyone who has taken the time to message me and show your support! Like anything that is to be normalized in society; it takes time! Yes not everyone agrees. For one I don’t need your approval! Disney policy and the law fully support me. Boobs are not sexual! If you can’t inform your kids a baby is eating that’s not my issue. Am I normally this “exposed” when I feed my son? No! But not all moments as a mother are glamorous! In this moment he is a big boy and is pulling on my nursing shirt! I never expected the picture to go viral obviously it’s not the best one of me but I love it because again not all mom moments are glamours.

Then updated the post again

This has reached the women and their family in the photo! A member of the family wrote me stating he was ashamed of his aunts behavior. The younger women commented on an article denying saying anything. Claiming she was tired and did not want to stand in line. She claims she never saw me nurse but watched me put my second top on. I did not put my second top on until it was our turn because I had switched my sons shirt! She made a point to say she was self conscious and all the remarks to her are unnecessary . What about saying I should have used a restroom? If you have the audacity to say something to a mom standing in line off to the side feeding her kid expect something to happen or be said. Anyways I wrote her asking why she couldn’t apologize or write me instead of lying and crying about the things people said. If you had such a problem with it which is clearly shown you did why not own up to it. 30% of what I read might agree.

Do you agree with what she done? Would you breastfeed in public like this?

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