This 4-year-old boy had to die horrifically all because his mother didn’t notice he had unbuckled himself.

A mother of eight, Ashley Grimm living in Idaho has gone through a traumatic time. She has just lost her 4 year son, named Titus at a horrific car accident, wherein a boulder had rolled into a road from the mountainous area. Most of the people blame her for the death of Titus, but she isn’t happy about it and has provided her point of view in a very moving Facebook post.


Ashley had always made it a conscious effort in order to check with the seat belts of her child during the ride. However, Titus would hate being forced by his mother to where the seat belt, and would always secretly unbuckle himself during the ride. He followed the comic book hero Flash Gordon, who drove without a seat belt. Titus used to always say that since his hero did not wear a seat belt, he did not need to do so as well. So, Ashley did not suspect that in this instance, Titus had managed to unbuckle himself with the help of his older brother. They even traded places during the ride.


This traumatic accident happened on 2 June, when Ashley was travelling with five of her eight children in a large family than a long pretty curvy road. Out of nowhere, a huge boulder suddenly rolled into the road, and she had three options, to either avoid the boulder or steer into the oncoming traffic to crash into the boulder, or to drive down the road and into a river that ran alongside. She did not have a lot of time to think, and she chose going headfirst with the boulder. She mentions that this was the wrong decision.


The heavy van crashed with the boulder, and Titus was immediately ejected from the car. Ashley happened to be bleeding and fell unconscious. When she came around, she ended up freeing all her five children from the wreckage of the van, but Titus was underneath the van. When she pulled him out of the wreckage with the help of her eight-year-old, she desperately started rubbing his stomach and trying to bring him to life, but he was already dead.


The media reported on this car accident, and although the mother was devastated, she was petrified when she saw comments which accused her for the death of Titus from the readers all across the Internet. They accused her of being a bad mother, and this hurt her. “All I wanted to do was point them, and tell her how close we were as a family, and how much I did try to save him.”


However, such actions were not be justified by Ashley. Instead, she went on to write the message “always hold your babies tight.. Take everything that the gift to you in the form of hugs and kisses, even if it happens to be the 25th one the so that they can get out of bed. Squeeze them…… Let them know that you love them. Mean every word of it.”.


Well, Ashley will never be able to do all such things to Titus, but she’s trying to stay strong for the rest of her children. She hopes that her message will be able to encourage a lot of other parents to handle their children in a positive manner. The parents should always cherish every moment that they have with their little ones, even if they are a bit of hard work and do not behave in a certain manner.


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