They pour glue over the 15-year-old’s head. What the teenager then does, is inspirational.

Hannah Combs has been victim of bullying for years. However, what they do next to this 15-year-old seems to have taken bullying to a whole new level. When Hannah leaves the school, one classmate runs up to her and pours glue all over her head. She immediately realizes how painful it is, when the glue keeps spreading all throughout her scalp. Hannah found out that she had first-degree chemical burns in the emergency room, which would only translate into a lot of pain for many days to come.


However, what was even worse for her was that she had to let go of her beautiful locks, which simply needed to be cut off. “It felt like I had lost something which was very dear to me. I greatly loved my hair. Honestly speaking, it was the only thing that I liked about myself,” says the teenager.


However, when a hairdresser hears about this event, she offers her services to Hannah for free and to make the best out of this unfortunate situation. While the physical wounds of Hannah may heal, the person who did this to her did not suffer any real consequences. Yes, he was suspended for a few days, but it was only due to the intervention of Christian Grimmer, the father of Hannah, who was persistent in getting justice for his daughter.


With the help of her parents, Hannah set up a page on Facebook, “Justice for Hannah”, and this strongly condemns bullying, and has been receiving a lot of support. “It definitely ensures that I do something to help the others,” mentions Hannah.” There are various people that cannot stand up for such atrocities, and they speak through this medium. At the end of the day, I may only be a teenager, but I have gone through a lot in order to understand the difference between right and wrong. I am old enough in order to help other victims of bullying, and I could even try and help the offenders to become better citizens.”


Such profound words coming from just a 15-year-old teenager! It goes to say a lot about her determination and character when she has been able to gain from similar experiences and help others through her knowledge and wisdom.

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