They Find A ‘Strange Creature’ Roaming Alone. But Wait Til They Pull The Pipe Off…

If there ever was a situation where you stumbled upon an animal in the wild that was in need of any assistance, you know it can be heartbreaking to witness the pain and not being able to help.

There are also various cases where the humans have been able to find themselves in the right spot at the correct time in order to help that animal, just like the boaters that discovered a raccoon struggling to stay afloat all by himself in the water, or even the zoo employees that let loose a baby seal from the fishing nets. When the residents of Malibu, California came across this poor creature witnessed in the video, they did not know what to do in order to help.

A woman explains that she merely caught a glimpse of the ‘strange creature’ while she was riding her horse, and her initial reaction was that of shock that she found a wild anteater roaming the streets of California. However, the truth was even more bewildering, as it was a young coyote that had somehow managed to get its head stuck inside the drainage tube. After seeing the animal suffer for a considerable time, she made a call to the California wildlife Centre.

The wildlife Centre reached the coyote in time, and although her slinky nature did not make it easy for them to conduct their job; they had to spend at least 3 ½ days trying to chase through the fields, the at last managed to provide had the proper treatment. If they did not, it was unlikely that the coyote would survive more than a day or two in that condition.

Take a look at the breathtaking work conducted by the rescuers and share the video to witness the happy ending!

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