They Closely Watch Their Elderly Neighbour, Then Realize Something Has To Be Done And Take Action

No matter how hard people try, some people just are not as lucky as other’s. Even though they work out, eat well, and get enough rest, they still die early. This was not the case with this Alabama woman. She did everything right and grew to a ripe old age in her 90s. And she didn’t have to worry about being thrown into a nursing home.

At 93 years old, this Alabama woman is proof that your twilight years don’t have to be diminished by sickness or other health problems. With the right lifestyle, you can transform your life into the fullest expression of itself. This woman lived in her house all by herself and refused to have it any other way.

But was she making a mistake? Was she putting herself at risk? Certain people make it their livelihood to prey on vulnerable seniors. It makes them feel strong and manly to steal for the old and incapacitated. This woman might have thought that she didn’t need any outside help, but little did she know but a group of men were watching her every move…

For a while, this 93-year-old woman’s neighbors were observing her every move – taking notes on her habits and memorizing her daily routine. Then they decided to step in and change her life forever…

While you might assume that these men had ill intentions, they actually just wanted to help. Because this woman insisted on living alone, she was too old to maintain her property – thankfully, her generous and hardworking neighbors stepped in to do the manual labor.

Rodney Smith Jr. and his friend Terrence Story went over to the 93-year-old’s home and offered to do something she never in a million years expect of anyone else – unless she was willing to fork over a huge chunk of her social security check. Rodney and his friend offered to mow her lawn.

Because Rodney and Terrence are good Christian men who want to help, they established a non-profit organization to not only give back to elderly and incapacitated people – but to serve as role models for young men and teens.

AS part of their Raising Men Lawn Care Service company, Rodney and Terrence brought over their lawn mowers and fixed up the 93-year-old’s yard real good.

“We did this sweet lady’s lawn today,” Rodney wrote on Facebook. “She is 93, the neighbors told us that she been out their trying to cut her own lawn. Have no fear, raising men lawn care is going to make sure her lawn is done every two weeks! Making a difference in our community!”

Because the woman wanted to remain anonymous, Rodney respected that and didn’t use her name. But the world quickly took notice of the good work Raising Men was doing in Alabama and Tennessee.

For these university students, improving their community is a mission. Even though they are dedicated to their full-time schedule as students, they make time to give back to the elderly. And they never charge a single dollar for their Good Samaritan service.

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