These Are 14 Of The Best Cat Pictures The Internet Has To Offer. I’m Dying Laughing!

Cats are the true stars of the internet. They are total characters as they are, but when combined with their owners commentary on what is going on, then you have some serious viral hilarity!

Their expressions are perfect for adding words to. You can practically tell what they are thinking just by the way they give you that particular gaze or stare. These are some classic photo captures of cats, and some hilarious caption comments by their owners. Check these out!

“I kicked over my cat’s milk and didn’t have a replacement. He sat opposite me as I ate my dinner looking at me like this.”


“My cat’s face when I found one of her hoarding stashes.”

Imgur/ jasonripp

“This cat looks like it is wearing the fur of its enemies.”


“I think she’s broken (she looks at me like this every time I’m chopping onions).”


“I think my cat is trying to summon a demon.”


“She saw the kids playing on it and now she meows until you rock her.”


“He jumped in my car and wouldn’t let me leave without him. I don’t own a cat. Is this how you get one?”


“Apparently my rug has eyes.”


“Cat made this face when my girlfriend meowed back at it.”


“My cat giving up on being a cat.”


“I feel like my sister’s cat is plotting to kill me.”


“They ALMOST completed the ladder to the food before they got caught.”


“How my cat feels about snow.”

Imgur/ DrWhoodles

Cats are simply awesome! True characters of the animal kingdom and always clever and cute. Share these gems with all of your cat loving friends and family!

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