There’s a Good Reason That Hollywood Stopped Casting Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is without doubt regarded as one of the funniest Hollywood actors. Over the years he has proven to be a remarkable actor.

The movie Dumb & Dumber and Ace Ventura is how he first got noticed and began his climb to fame.

However things have taken a real downturn for the star over the years, here’s why….

Jim starred in a range of movies including the romcom like Bruce Almighty.

Carrey was drawn to dramatic roles.

His role in The Truman Show gained him a lot of recognition and praise.

Carrey was a roaring success and famous.

Carrey was a popular celeb during the nineties mainly due to his film roles which were a huge success.

One time Carrey loved to entertain the public.

Over the years Carrey has criticised fame and how people can become so obsesses, as a result he prefers to remain out of the spotlight.

His frivolous character was evident both on and off the screen.

In 2008, he wore a bathing suit for fun, or maybe it was to show how the media behave towards women.

Jim was always a favourite for the paparazzi.

One thing celebs have to adapt to once they become famous is getting their pictures taken constantly, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.

His facial features are certainly very unique.

Jim stays out of the limelight.

You might have noticed Jim has appeared in any movies of late.

Know we know excatly why.

Here is why…

Everyone was unsure how to view things about him.

Let’s take a look….

The real reason Hollywood stopped casting Jim Carrey was because he was too much of a risk.

Although Carrey was a box office hit in previous years.

This was no longer the case as recent movies like I Love You were smaller in scale and only brought in $20.7 mil.

Carrey was know to be difficult to work with.

He refused to promote Kick Ass because of it’s violent content which can deter potential directors.

Jim also makes another aspect difficult to work with?

In Man on the Moon he became impossible to direct as he immersed himself so much into the role of comic Andy Kauffman.

Footage of Carrey acting super strangely was recored which eventually became a documentary, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond.

Carrey’s life and career has also had it’s share of struggles including depression, all which he has spoken out about.

“It all comes down to the same thing … You are either in a loving place, or you are in an unloving place. If you are with me right now, you cannot be unhappy. It’s not possible, just try.”

Of course the public breakup didn’t benefit his mentality.

Carrey split with Jenny McCarthy in 2010. Jenny referred to Carrey as “a hard guy to date.”

Jim can run hot and he can run cold. He is someone who desperately needs to be with someone, then just as desperately needs to be alone. But at the same time, he can be a very loving, very compassionate guy.”

He has often lost himself as a result of his acting methods.

Controversy seems to dominated Carrey’s life. Often questioning “What do I believe? What are my politics? What do I like and dislike?”

In 2015, his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White tragically took her own life.

Carrey was sued by her ex-husband for wrongful death.

Claiming Carrey had infected her with STDs…

He also accused him of offering her painkillers to carry out her suicide. Carrey retaliated launching a lawsuit claiming the family was trying to extort him. In 2018, the case was dismissed.

Carrey is struggling to get castings at present….

Carrey enjoys more artistic pursuits these days and also works as a mentor for other young actors like Chris Pratt.

He’s even made a documentary about his art called I Need Color, which focuses on his passion for art and sculpting.

After all the fame, he seems to be enjoying fading from the limelight.

And the answer to both of those questions is: nothing, no reason, as far as I am concerned. I guess just getting to the place where you have everything everybody has ever desired and realizing you are still unhappy.

Being Carrey doesn’t come easy.

Jim we hope you are doing ok!

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