The woman put a dryer sheet on her fan. Watch what happens to her apartment!

When you visit a laundry room, you would definitely notice the dryer sheets. They are introduced to get rid of the musty smell found in the laundry, and they can also make the clothes extremely easy to iron. However, did you know that there are more uses of these dryer sheets?


Air freshener

If you have a fan or an air conditioner in your room, then simply place the dryer sheet in front of it, and soon the entire room to start smelling fresh.

Hair remover for pets

Since the dryer sheet has antistatic quality, it will make the hair of the pets that has been making its way all across the room to stick to the cloth. All you need to do is to wipe it over the coat of your pet, and you would not have to worry about anymore fur lying around; as a bonus, your pet will also smell refreshing.


Fighting static

One of the greatest attributes of the dryer sheets is that it can fight static. So, if you need to get rid of the fathers in your clothes, then simply applying the dryer sheets to it will get rid of the static in no time.

Get rid of car smell

If you have a very bad odor emanating from your car, you need not fret. All you need to do is to leave a few dryer sheets for one night in your car, and the smell will disappear.

Get rid of musty smell from the drawers

There is always going to be some musty smell from the dressing drawers. However, putting the dryer sheets amongst a few clothes overnight will ensure that the smell will disappear.


Getting rid of pet smells

No matter how often you bathe your pets, they are going to leave some smell in the room. The dryer sheets, when applied to the room will take care of any lingering aroma.

Body odour

If you put dryer sheets in your sports bag or in your hamper, you can get rid of the smell of your sweaty clothes coming back from the gymnasium.


Preventing mosquito bites

It has been found out that the scent from the dryer sheets will throw the mosquitoes off their natural scent, and they would not know to white. So, keep some of these dryer sheets in handy when you spend an evening outdoors.

Getting rid of dust

The dryer sheets can enable you to get rid of dust from all the hard to reach corners like windowsills or below the sofa. It will also help you to clean out surfaces by trapping the dust, instead of letting it fly.


Cleaning the Grill

The dryer sheets are perfect for cleaning up the bodies of your car.  They can easily remove any kind of dust or dirt from the surface of the car without leaving any marks. Simply, you need to wipe a dryer sheet all across the car and you would have a smooth surface.


So, if you have a few dryer sheets lying around, make use of them. Even the older ones could come in handy for you!

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