The Price Tag Of The Obama’s Latest Vacation Is Making Jaws Drop

If I spent 8 years of my life working extremely hard and taking punches from everyone and the kitchen sink, I’d say I deserved a vacation. While not everyone agrees on whether President Barack Obama did a great job during his two terms in office or not, it goes without saying that the President worked extremely hard and spent hours and hours of his days dedicated to the United States of America.

Now that he has been out of the office for a couple of years, his family has been enjoying the good life. Not only did Michelle Obama publish a memoir that went on to become one of the bestselling books of recent memory, but Malia and Sasha have also both graduated from high school and are looking to start their lives as adults and former first daughters.

Following Sasha’s high school graduation, the former First Family hopped onto a private jet and soared across the Atlantic to spend some valuable time as a family unit in Southern France. The family landed in Avignon in the South of France on Friday and planned to have a wonderful vacation together.

Not only are they staying in one of the most relaxing places in the free world, but they’re also going to be reportedly staying inside a luxurious 18th-century farmhouse on Bathelasse Island. Talk about being in the lap of luxury.

The vacation is the former First Family’s way of celebrating Sasha’s graduation from high school, which, as every family knows, is no easy feat in today’s climate.

57-year-old Obama and his 55-year-old wife Michelle were happy to board the plan with their daughters, Malia, 20, and Sasha, 18, to celebrate the successes they’ve enjoyed in life, reaping it from their hard work.

The family plans to relax at Le Mas des Poiriers, which costs about $60,000 to rent each week. That’s a lot of cash to put out for a vacation, but with the book sales that Michelle has gotten from her memoir, it is a small change for the former First Family.

Because they’re trying to live up their life and have a blast while on vacation in the South of France, the two former First Daughters were seen out and about on Saturday, the day after the family arrived at their vacation spot.

The family has 65 acres to themselves on the luxurious vacation property. It’s a great place for them to enjoy some peace and quiet and some quality time as a family. Because they’re constantly under scrutiny, it must be great for them to be able to check out and relax all together in the same place.

The home is a former farmhouse. It features seven double bedrooms as well as a massive family room with open windows. The place is decorated lavishly to please the world’s most celebrated visitors.

Besides graduating from high school recently, Sasha also celebrated her birthday last week.

The word on the street is that Sasha will attend the University of Michigan come September. Hopefully, the family enjoys this vacation together before things change, and Sasha becomes, officially, a grown woman.

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