The doctors started the C-section, but couldn’t believe what they saw when the baby was finally born.

There are some situations in life and decisions that we take that can be hurtful. Well, this was the case with the couple of Nick Schnarr and Brooklyn, his wife. They were expecting their third child, and the doctors had just given them the sort of news that gives nightmares to parents. Nick took to Facebook and posted his experience:

“The last nine months, Brooklyn, my wife had been pregnant with a pretty sick baby boy. About 3 to 4 months ago, we came to know that the baby had hydrocephalus, of a severe kind. In the old days, hydrocephalus meant “water on the brain”……. A lot of brain fluid. We were referred to go to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and we were told by various fetal specialists that the condition was not good.


The condition of the baby was extremely bad, and it was so severe that most of the specialists had already stopped monitoring the brain fluid level, because at that particular point, it did not matter. The MRIs were extremely bad to look at. We were told directly that there is a 90% chance that the baby would either die very shortly, or would have severe cognitive impairments that would create a very bad quality of life for the child. After a meeting with the palliative care in regards to the life-sustaining measures that we were to take, a lot of emotional discussions about the ethics about the removal of such measures as well is the result of the baby passing away peacefully were discussed.

Brooklyn had then relocated to Cincinnati and started living in a hostel which was close to the hospital, just in case she went into labor. I started commuting back and forth while trying to work somehow and take care of Sophie and Lily back home. On 8 July, Brooklyn went into labor. Literally after 15 minutes before she had been wheeled to get started on her C-section, we had a meeting with the doctors in regards to the use of a breathing tube, and at what point can we removed the tube and let the baby pass on to heaven. But guess what? The baby came out bawling……….and it was the sweetest sound that I have heard in a long time.


Charlie Edward Schnarr, the baby was staying in the intensive care unit for infants until yesterday, when he came home. He seems to be a pretty normal, beautiful baby that is doing everything that a normal baby does. He has had the mild ventricle enlargement, but that can be dealt with by conducting regular checkups.


So how did this miracle happen? The doctors said “We do not have any kind of medical explanation about what we witnessed back there.” By a miracle, the brain might have found another way to reroute the fluid that was causing the buildup. Divine intervention and the world miracle were thrown around a lot in this case. There were nurses with a lot of experience and a lot of doctors that were flabbergasted at the results.


Due to the seemingly domino effect of the multitude of friends, clients, colleagues, families and even strangers praying for his well-being, I would like to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart. I thank you all for the prayers, notes of encouragement, texts, emails, and the general outpouring of love that I have received. God is real, and the power of prayer is extremely powerful.”


This story is a wonderful reminder as to why we should never give up hope; there are things that would actually have a happy ending. Let’s hope that Charlie and his family can live a pretty fulfilling life.

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