The doctors don’t give the baby a chance. But 26 years later, she stirs things up with these photos!

Since her birth, Yulianna had been covered from head to toe in large brown moles, as she was suffering from congenital melanocytic nevus- type of abnormality and discoloration of the skin. Most of the medical professionals had not seen such an infestation before. They told that the small child might only survive for a few hours. However, 26 years later, Yulianna is hale and hearty.


Due to numerous pigmentation patches, particularly on her stomach and the back, her childhood normally consisted of people looking at her and teasing her. She was either called a Dalmatian or a giraffe at school. Being the daughter of the Ukrainian mother and a Lebanese father, she was extremely confident in her way through life, and optimistic about everything. She has been posting in the social media her pictures without any fear and celebrating the differences. About 16,000 followers out there in her Instgram profile.


“I just try and show the other is that congenital melanocytic venus is nothing, and people can live normal lives without the need to become isolated from others. If you are born different, then you have to realize that everybody is born different. You need to remain happy, have yourself surrounded by friends and family that do a great support job of keeping you like everybody else,” Yulianna says.


Yulianna has now succeeded in her mission to remain beautiful as well as inspirational. “My daughter, who was born five months ago, has a very large mole and she will continue to get more as the day passes. Some days, it makes me sad to realize the things that you would, but it also comforts me to see how successful you are and happy in your pictures,” mentions one of the commentators in her photos.


“Our uniqueness, life experience and individuality are what shape us into wonderful human beings, “mentions Julianna. “Let’s hope that we can learn to love ourselves and create an environment that is filled with compassion and tolerance.”


This woman is truly an inspiration for many people around!


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