Teacher Kicks Out Daughter With Shaved Head. Then Mom Turns On The Computer And Is Shocked!

For nine-year-old Kamryn Renfro, she displays a wisdom that is well beyond her age. Living in Grand Junction, CO, she did something which was out of the ordinary, and brave as well. She shaved off her hair in order to support her friend the Delany Campbell, who has cancer. “I felt it was the right thing for me to do,” Kamryn told the NY Daily News.

Well, Delany, only 11 years old had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and had to undergo chemotherapy. Twice during her treatment, she lost all her hair. That is when Kamryn shaved off her head too in order to make her feel good.

“It made me feel extremely special, and the fact that I’m not alone,” Delany says.

After this act, you would think that the adults in the picture would praise them for their unbreakable bond and courage. However, that did not happen. When Kamryn did return to school, Caprock Academy turned her away. “Do not come back until you have grown your hair,” the teachers told her.

Some schools have absurd policies. The student was actually kicked out of the prom for wearing an ordinary dress.

Wendy Campbell, Delany’s mother was dismayed at the reaction of the school. She shared her story on social media, and it quickly went viral. After hundreds of people showed their support for the actions taken by Kamryn, the school relented and let her in and also decided to praise the dedication of the girl towards her friend.

“For just a small girl, it was tremendously brave of Kamryn to shave her head for her friend. It is not only a statement, but also something that builds a lot of character within a child,” Says Wendy.

See the beautiful story of Kamryn and Delany and share this with your friends!

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