Teacher Finds A Popular Girl Hiding Under The Desk. Then Her Family Digs Up A Shocking Truth!

Rihanna was always amongst the happiest girls on the field, who always indulged in playing some sort of sporting activities. She was a natural born athlete, and grew up to become a national gymnastics champion as well as a star softball pitcher. However, in the sixth grade, she was suffering from some sort of unexplained anxiety, ticks and tantrums. She took to pulling out her own hair, hiding under the desk, all of which were the cause of such separation anxiety. The mother of Rihanna was terrified about the outcome of this predicament.

Rihanna was depressed and suicidal by the time she graduated to becoming a freshman in high school. Doctors were confounded at this mysterious illness, and could not comprehend what seems to be affecting Rihanna’s mind. Her parents made her see about 15 different doctors, and it seemed that all the hope was lost. However, that is when two aunts of Rihanna stepped into the picture and worked together to solve this medical mystery.

By making use of their own experience of nursing as well as a lot of Internet research, her aunts discovered a blog post that was written by a mother who had a son suffering from similar symptoms. Just when Rihanna’s mother was about to get her placed into a group home, she received a call that went on to change everything.

You can watch the video to see how this mystery was solved.

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