Surveillance camera: Man molests woman and gets a lesson he’ll never forget

Some people think it is ok to grope another person, regardless of their gender, it is an attitude that disgusts me.

Why some people think is it acceptable to touch another person without their permission is beyond me. It is not their body and they have absolutely no right to force themselves upon someone.

There needs to be a big attitude change for a lot of individuals or societies problems with violence will never be solved. You can understand exactly why a woman would have such a strong reaction to being groped, much like in the example seen below.

Watching the surveillance tape closely you can see two people in the elevator. At first the man acts casually and watches the woman. But then he sneakily approaches her from behind.

When the woman notices what is happening she tries to avoid an assault by discretely moving to the other side of the elevator. We then see the man continue stalking her as he once again approaches her from behing, laying his hand on her shoulder clearly showing his intentions.

The incident occurred in China back in 2016 reports the Daily Mail.

Some who have viewed the video claim that it is a staged assault. The Chinese media however have since identified the woman as a TV personality and actress named Du Qiao. She has also confirmed it is in fact her in the video footage and insists the footage is genuine and the incident did occur.

”I was just standing on my own minding my own business, but his actions forced me to react,” Du Qiao says to chinese media outlet Tencent.

What do you think? Is this video real or fake? Leave your thoughts in the facebook comments section.

Would you be as brave as Du Qiao if you were in this situation? Let us know in the comments.


He then begins to make his move and he walks over and stands behind the woman.

She decides that he is too close for comfort and moves away from him to get some personal space.

The man then makes his move and comes over and puts his hand around her.

This was a very bad idea according to the woman!

Here’s the moment she loses her patience with this creep – you can see the result below:

The man appears to stand beside to woman in the elevator and then looks over at her.

She then punches,knees and kicks him until he is on the ground!

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