Mother Is Very Sick After Using Sunbed. What Her Boyfriend Finds Inside The Toilet Is UNIMAGINABLE

What started out as a routine tanning session in the summer with some of her girlfriends slowly turned disastrous for Dragica. Nausea, Stomach pain and irregular periods hit her like a ton of bricks. At first, she did not make anything of it as her doctor had mentioned that these were symptoms bound to happen after the first baby had been born. Maybe it was to do with the tanning. However, the following months saw her gain weight, drastically. Again, she associated the weight gain to the lazy summer and brushed it off.

The following month of March saw Dragica down with severe cramps in the middle of the night in her lower abdomen. Tony, her boyfriend helped her go to the bathroom, thinking this to be a case of food poisoning. However, after enduring a day of severe discomfort, Dragica grabbed Tony’s hands and pushed really hard. She suddenly felt a wave of relief and felt the pain subsiding. There was no pressure in the lower abdomen; it was as if nothing had originally happened.

However, suddenly on hearing a splash, Dragica stood up on the toilet. However, to her horror, she felt that she was connected to something.

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