Style Mistakes Everyone Made in the 2000s

No matter how old or young you are you will always end up looking back at old photos and cringe at your style choices.

Can you remember all the fashion trends that were around in the early 2000’s? Naturally you thought those clothes were on trend at the time. Fast forward a decade or so and you might think differently.

We have a list of photos to remind you just how embarrassing the things you used to wear really were.

1 Revealing

You wore clothes that showed more skin than clothes!

2 Leg Warmers

Remember trying out the leg warmer trend? It was very hard to pull this one off! ( Literally )

3 Hoop Earrings

Hoops were a huge trend in the early 2000’s. If you got ones with rhinestones then you really were in the money!

4 Belts!!

Belt with a dress! Belt with jeans! Belt with a bikini? Remember the trending of wearing a belt with absolutely everything?

5 Bangs or Fringe hairstyle?

Although it has come back into fashion a small bit recently people still complain that you cannot see anything!

6 Juicy Couture

Was every girls dream! If you didn’t have one of these then you were not in the fashion!

7 Tiny shoulder bags were so in fashion.

Although you could only fit some lip stick and a pair of glasses inside they looked pretty good!

8 Belly button ring

Worn with an open shirt so people could clearly see your belly button ring!

9 Low rise jeans

They were also probably flared at the bottom as well.

10 Cowboy boots!

Back then Britney Spears made them popular and every girl wanted to be Britney Spears.

11 Jeans that tied on the front or at the side.

They were cool for some reason..

12 Newsboy cap.

13 Random items on your jeans and making it look good.

14 Suit tops

Do you remember them back in the Charlie’s Angels days?

15 Three quarter length army pants!

To be honest I would wear these now, they look pretty awesome.

16 The Skinny Scarf

They were light and looked well. The only problem was that they never kept you warm!

17 Chunky highlights

These were very hard to pull off. You need really thick hair. This Destiny’s Child had no problem however.

18 Peek a boo highlights!

19 Basketball or trucker hats!

It didn’t matter what it said on the hat as long as it looked good. You always felt a little bit gangster wearing it too!

20 Straighten your hair

You also liked to wear a shiny happy lip gloss with it too.

21 Dress over jeans?

Don’t ask me how this ever worked…

22 The pashmina scarf

Worked with almost every outfit!

23 The bucket hat.

You normally wore these to a festival or some kind of cool party.

24 Bedazzled sunglasses.

Although you can now get more than just your sunglasses Bedazzled so it does not seem that bad after-all! Imagine what they will be talking about in another 20 years…

25 Funny slogan t-shirts

Now you look back on and say ” What the hell was I thinking? ”

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