Stunned Doctors See A Rare Delivery and Rush To Help The Newborn Child

Baby Silas was born prematurely at 26 weeks with C-section being the preferred mode of birth. However, even the doctors had no idea what would happen when the baby finally emerged. According to the accompanying video, Silas entered into this world in the amniotic sac itself. This is not only astonishing for the doctors, but also a rarity in the medical world. Mother Chelsea Phillips was totally unaware of the miracle that had happened in the hospital room, which was until she was shown pictures of Silas still within the amniotic sac.

Such medical rarities are not heard of, and according to BabyMed, such type of a birth is known as “En-caul” which is vastly different from the caul birth.  The caul birth happens when the baby is born with only the head which is normally surrounded by some of the remaining amniotic sac. As explained by BabyMed, to be born with a caul happens to be extremely rare, somewhere in 1 in 80,000 child births. Such statistics include the supposedly “En-caul” birth which tends to occur more frequently than the authenticated caul births.  If it is taken care of early on, then neither the caul nor en-caul births pose any risk to the child.

Well, this was a different experience for Phillips and delivering Silas. When you have a look at the video from the SF Globe Office, you would be equally stunned. This is an incredible story of a miraculous child, and definitely worth sharing on social media. Let us know what you think about this video in the comment section.


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