Strong Women Who Celebrate Their Natural Bodies

There is so much expectations from society on many of us. For example, the typical male should be well dressed, emotionally and physically strong and earn an attractive salary. Women, are expected to maintain this youthful look even as a mother. We all know how exhausting it is to maintain that image.

Irais Cadena from Chihuahua, Mexico, shared her thoughts on this topic in a post on Facebook.

In her post she explains that women can be both strong and beautiful. Her accurate views on this have garnered over 170k reactions from others.

A recent Facebook post went viral for applauding strong women who celebrate their bodies.

This accurate point which highlighted by Sarah Nicole Landry, mother of three.

Thirty Five year old Sarah was raised in Ontario, Canada. Over time she has accepted herself and has made it her mission to assist others. This journey was difficult for Sarah as she fought body image issues for some time.

I don’t recall when I became conscious about my self-image but I have early memories around age 11-12 where they started to take over my self-worth,” she explains. “I did my first diet at age 14, and it would continue off and on through ’til adulthood.”

I really had believed that losing weight would be the way for me to find body acceptance so I sought that strongly about 5-6 years ago. After losing around 100lbs, I was devastated to discover that I still had body image issues, perhaps even worse than before.”

Since then, I’ve worked through my issues around self-worth, disordered eating, and my confidence and have journeyed through that process online.”

Sarah shares how she came to love herself.

Landry’s weight loss was mainly from working out and counting calories. “For me, it leads to disordered eating, fatphobic thoughts, and food fear. Something I’ve worked on reversing for years.”

A turning point occurred as she going through a divorce. “I lost some extra weight due to stress and was probably the least healthy I’d ever been, but people continued to congratulate me on my beautiful body without knowing what was really going on,” Landry explained.

“I realized that I had to face the fact that weight loss didn’t make me happy, and I needed to find a balance for me and my natural beauty, for a lifestyle I could love and a body I could celebrate even as it changed.”

Many women online are applauding the honesty she shared.

Sarah also shared her own views on being a parent.

Online communities of women were a huge help. “Once I started following such a diverse group of beautiful women and men online, it really opened up my eyes to how different true beauty is and how it’s really about who you are and not what you look like!”

Sarah stopped judging parts of her body and began to honour herself. particularly areas such as the back of her legs and belly which were covered in cellulite and stretch marks from being pregnant.

This experience has given her more confidence and no longer worries about her figure or weight in a negative way.

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