Social Media Mocks First Lady Melania Trump’s ‘Ridiculous’ July 4th Dress

Melania Trump, First Lady, has been mocked online for a dress she wore over the weekend’s Independence Day celebrations.

Scroll to the end for the full story, to see her controversial fashion choice which is causing quite a controversy.

Melania Trump isn’t exactly the person who springs to mind, when you think of a First Lady.

Ever since her husband was elected as president in 2016, the world is divided with their opinions on the former supermodel turned-First-Lady.

Melania had never desired to be America’s First Lady…

Melania Knauss, was working in New York as a model after immigrating from Slovenia, when she first met Donald at a party during Fashion Week in 1998.

They began dating in 2004 after his second divorce, they officially tied the knot.

But, regardless of her wishes…

Melania was thrown into the daunting role as First Lady when her over-ambitious, business-tycoon husband set his sights upon the White House.

Her transition into the role wasn’t a smooth one…

Melania was repeatedly being criticized for a whole array of reasons throughout her husband’s presidency.

Melania has risen to the role in an admirable manner…

Her lack of personal voice and charisma has continued to put her under the firing line of the public.

For example…

In October 2018, Melania embarked on her first major trip abroad without the President to Africa…just months after her husband reportedly referred to African nations as “s***hole countries.”

Melania hasn’t addressed her husband’s comments once.

She came under more fire for a tone-deaf Tweet made amid the ongoing Mexican border detention, on the second anniversary of her husband’s administration.

She wrote on the social media platform:

Our work in the East wing continues into 2019 with online safety, fighting opioid abuse & supporting the well-being of children everywhere! #BeBest

People slated Melania for her message, in light of President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy dictating that all adults found crossing the border illegally would face criminal detention while their children would be taken into government custody or sent to foster care.

However she has come under the scrutiny of the public again.

It’s all because of a dress.

The Trumps attended a ceremony at Mount Rushmore, for a Fourth of July celebration,

All eyes were on Melani for all the wrong reasons.

Melania attended the event in a designer Alexander McQueen gown.

The dress features a high scoop neck, a high-waisted black belt design, with a minimal but unusual black pattern.

The entire McQueen team took part in embroidering the dress…

It features an unusual designs which was sketched by Central Saint Martins MA students in London during a life-drawing class held at the McQueen flagship store earlier this year.

Keep scrolling for the pictures of the dress…

The final artwork was mapped out and transformed into the pattern that formed the basis of the dress.

The garment, with it’s embroidered dancing girls, embodies the idea of “togetherness.”

Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen’s said:

I love the idea of people having the time to make things together, the time to meet and talk together, the time to reconnect to the world.”

However people weren’t having any of that…

I couldn’t really tell you myself…

This is was a risky decision.

Someone spill the tea please!

If you’re going to rock a dress like that then do it with confidence like Melania.

I totally agree with this user.

The following critic was very passionate about their thoughts…

When you see a full picture of the dress, you’ll understand too.

It is pretty despicable behavior.

No wonder so many people thought it was a classless move.

However, some offered a compliment the First Lady on her outfit choice…

This user wrote:

Everything they do has meaning. the dress she wore last night I knew before seeing her would have meaning. As it always does in events like this. Her dress was designed by McQueen who named this dress the dancing girls. It was representing the children.”

But of course, not everyone was too impressed with her fashion choice.

The dress, which cost $2,485, has gained the wrong kind of attention from social media users.

There is no escaping it.

The once stunning dress now resembles nothing more than a child’s drawing project.

People have been utterly ruthless…

One Twitter user pointed out, that Trump made another fake hurricane map.

Some pointed out how Alexander McQueen would literally be turning in his grave if he were to see who was wearing his label…

Twitter users didn’t hold back.

Many people were a shocked by the design…

Rather than symbolise girls dancing she looked undesirable in a dress where someone took a black Sharpie pen to it.

It seems that Melania simply cannot catch a break these days…

It’s not just social media users who are criticising the First Lady.

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