So Far No One Can Spot The Camouflaged Armed Soldier Hiding In Plain Sight In This Photo. Can You?

There is a new video which are circulating in YouTube from the famous YouTuber Brent0331 and it has stumped almost everybody in the Internet. It not only resembles a brain teaser, but shows the adeptness with which the United States military perform its duties. They learn to adapt according to the terrain that they are working with and have state-of-the-art camouflage equipment at their disposal.

Recently, we have challenged users to spot a cat that happens to be relaxing in the backdrop of firewood. We have also asked you about sporting the hidden Tiger located in the photograph. However, this is a challenge close to heart for most of the veterans and the supporters of the military.

While the animal kingdom has a lot of animals that are born naturally with camouflage abilities, humans would need to create it by themselves. Have a look at the video in the bottom to see if you would be able to support the soldier before he eventually moves.

In this 1:47 seconds video, you would be able to see wooden surroundings, notably with dried grass, trees, bushes, as well as the constant sound of crickets and insects. While this may seem to be a pretty peaceful scene, there is actually a dangerous, armed soldier that is hiding in plain sight. Just keep watching for a few more seconds and he will eventually move. However, you probably won’t be able to guess where he is until he moves.

This video clip is only a part of the segment of the extensive work done by Brent0331 on camouflage. This particular military enthusiast has released over 70 videos which demonstrate the different kinds of camouflages used by various countries. It includes the Czech VZ 95 camouflage, Dutch DPM camouflage as well as the Russian KZS camouflage in two parts, the Chinese type 07 arid camouflages and a lot more.

In the recent videos, the effectiveness of the Dutch DPM camouflage had the following description in the video:

“In this particular video, we will have a look at the effectiveness of the Dutch DPM camouflage against woodland, during the summer time. The video will basically consist of scenes that depict consciously stationary position (with and without the use of any vegetation) which will be followed by a phase of movement from the initial position. The true purpose of this video is to provide the viewer with the chance to have a look at the camouflage patterns individually and witness how it can blend with the environment. There are varying degrees on how it will be able to perform which will be exposed in full to the viewer. There are some scenes which will expose a lot more than just the bonnie hat, while there are other scenes which will have absolutely no covering of vegetation.”

This man is truly passionate about the military, and aims to provide appropriate justice to the camouflage equipment from various military establishments across the world.

Well, user interaction is at its peak, and the viewers are not afraid to share their honest opinions”

“ I don’t think I know the exact reason, but the Dutch DPM seems to be extremely effective against the British camouflage. Is it mainly due to intense colors? The scenes of ambush were pretty awesome. There is absolutely no chance of spotting the person if he does not move.”

“ I find this camouflage blending with the environment. You don’t get to see the person unless he starts moving.”

There are others who did not think good of the Dutch camouflage.

“I could easily spot you even before you moved, but it did work pretty well, and I highly doubt that someone would support you unless they were particularly looking for a person in a camouflage.”

So, can you point out the military man in the video given below?

Share this video with your friends and family and encourage them to take up this challenge!


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