Six Clear Signs a Lost Loved One Is Close By You and Attempting To Send You a Message.

When someone passes on, we feel a tremendous amount of loss and grief. Many people find comfort in knowing their loved one is up in Heaven, and that their loved ones are sometimes able to send messages and signs that they are still around us.

The energy of the person who has passed on can still come into our reality and speak to us. In fact, it’s incredibly common for these signs to happen.

Our loved ones love to send us signs along our path, and can put signs into another’s path as a way to communicate with us as well.

We just have to make sure to pay attention to our surroundings or these signs can easily be missed.

These direct methods of communication can occur anywhere and at any time. They can be received when you are fully awake, or in a twilight state of dreaming.

Here are six signs that your deceased loved one may be using to try and connect with you.

1) You Can Sense Their Presence:

This usually manifests as a sudden drop in temperature or a slight chill meaning the spirit of a loved one is nearby.

2) Lights Flicker and Electronic Devices Act Up:

Many report strange electrical activity when deceased friends or family members are close by, such as a flickering light or television set, an appliance suddenly turning on, or an electronic device inexplicably beginning to beep or make noise. 

3) You Dream About Them:

It’s often believed that your dreams tell you something important. These dreams can contain messages or answers to questions you’ve been searching for. Don’t ignore them, it’s guidance, advice, and comfort coming from your loved one.

4) Familiar Scents:

Spirits use smells that are special to us because we immediately notice and pay attention to them.

People commonly report smelling the scent of a deceased loved one. Some say they still catch whiffs of that person’s unique smell.

5) The Sudden Appearance of Random Things:

Many people claim that objects such as feathers or coins that you find in random spots may not be so random after all.

The spirits of our loved ones will often stick pennies, nickels, quarters, and other loose change in unusual places knowing that we’ll stumble across them.

6) You Just Feel and Know They Are With You:

There doesn’t always need to be a sign for you to stop and think about a deceased loved one. You can sense and feel a spirit is present and guiding you.

A feeling you automatically attribute to the spirit of a loved one. When this occurs, and should it ever happen to you, it’s never scary or unsettling, rather it is reassuring and welcome.

Take a look at the video below to see other signs people have encountered:

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