Single Mom Was Told Not To Keep Quadruplets By Bullies. She Then Reveals A Heartbreaking Secret

It was the inherent desire of Beth Goodman to become a mother. Although she wasn’t married, and did not have a steady income, but being a mother was her dream. So, she decided to go for in-vitro fertilization. Then, a miracle happened. When she went for her ultrasound, she heard four heartbeats, saw four little heads- she was going to have quadruplets.

She was ecstatic; it was a wonderful occasion for her, which was until the entire community turned on her. They believed that Beth was behaving unreasonably and recklessly, and that could not have quadruplets without a sound financial plan. How could she bear the expenses of kids without a husband? Slowly, this decision of Beth Goodman turned into a national conversation where it was debated whether parents would wait to have children until the fact that financially support them. They were normally accused of seeking charity and government assistance as well as handouts, none of which was asked for by Beth. She confessed on Oprah that although she did not have a financial plan, she was looking to keep moving forward.

Beth Goodman believed that she would ultimately come across a way to provide for her children. The absolute truth is that there is no perfect scenario, no foolproof plan or time to have babies. Even though it may seem to be the perfect timing, the future could change very drastically. The parents could lose jobs, the economy could rise or fall, and there are way too many variables in life to predict what seems to be the right time to have kids. All that’s known is that we can do our best to provide for our children with the best life that is possible at that particular moment.

When Oprah caught up with Beth Goodman after a decade, they found out that her children were extremely happy, well-adjusted and taken care of.

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