Simply Apply A Cotton Ball Already Soaked With Listerine In Your Underarms To Witness A Surprising Effect!

Sales of Listerine for the year 2015 in United States alone accounted for $340 million, a statistic by Statista mentions. Well, that surely is a lot of Listerine. Now, when you accounts at sales with all the other brands of mouthwashes in the market, the figure steadily approaches $ 1 billion. There is no doubt that the people of America make use of the mouthwash for the primary purpose of oral hygiene. But do you know the other miraculous things that can be done with it?

According to the official website of Listerine, the ingredients in the mouthwash comprise of Menthol, Methyl salicylate, Thymol and Eucalyptol. These ingredients have a function that is way beyond simply protecting your mouth from gingivitis or plaque. Read on to find out the amazing things that you can do with your mouthwash!

1. Deodorant: -Have you run out of deodorant? Well, there is nothing to worry about! Simply soak a cotton ball in Listerine, and apply them in your underarms. You could also put Listerine in a spray bottle, and apply them to your armpits. Either of the methods is pretty effective in taking care of body odor as mentioned by Listerine Foot Soak. It is because Listerine is pretty effective in killing the germs that produce odor in your body.

2. Dandruff: – You might not know this, but before Listerine was used as a mouthwash, it was a more popular treatment for dandruff. It worked miraculously before, and it still does. According to hair Sentinel, the four active ingredients located in Listerine contain antifungal as well as antiseptic properties. In order to effectively make use of this method, you need to rinse the hair as well as your scalp with a solution that contains 1/4th cup of Listerine and one cup of water.

3. Lice: – Your mouthwash is also a very effective treatment against the formation of lice. It is recommended that you soak your entire scalp filled with lice with Listerine and make use of a shower cap to gather the hair. Healthy and Natural world mentions that you need to let this solution soak in your hair for at least one hour before you rinse your hair with water. To effectively get rid of lice, continue with this treatment further by gently massaging white vinegar in your scalp. Again, make use of a shower cap and let the vinegar soak in your hair. After one hour, you can wash the hair with my shampoo and make use of a short- tooth comb or a lice comb to remove any lice eggs and the dead lice.

4. Acne: – It may amaze you but listed in can also be used as an astringent to take care of your skin problems. It has the right combination of antiseptic properties and alcohol which will effectively reduce the size of a pimple. According to the Indian spot, dabbing Listerine on a pimple in the night may ensure that you have a pimple free face in the morning.

5. Cough: – A newspaper in the winter of 1932 mentions the coughing is due to your own fault. Gargling twice a day with Listerine reduces the frequency as well as the severity of the cold and cough according to Modern Mechanix.  Wikihow, after 80 years has verified that using an antiseptic mouthwash will prevent the bacteria from infecting your respiratory system.

6. Blisters: -Listerine has antiseptic properties which make it a formidable force against any type of blisters. According to the Mother Nature Network, all you need to do is to apply cotton which is filled with Listerine on your list. Doing so thrice a day will ultimately result in the shriveling and disappearance of the blister.

7. Stinky feet: – Bad odor emanating from your feet can be a troublesome affair. However, according to Smelly Feet Cures, Listerine can kill the bacteria which cause the odor, and starts working as an astringent in order to reduce the overall sweat accumulating in your feet. Smelly feet are normally known as a symptom for athlete’s foot, and mixing one part of Listerine with parts of warm water and letting it soak for 20 minutes will be pretty effective in curbing it.

8. Toenail fungus: – A footbath with Listerine will not only cure your feet from any kind of foul smell, but it can also treat the toenail fungus. According to health guidance, it is mainly due to the antifungal properties of Listerine that this result can be achieved. So, if you suffer from fungal infections, going for a foot soak with Listerine every few days over several months will certainly help you to curb this menace.

Listerine has been around since the late 1800s, and it was not always used as a mouthwash. So, why limit its use now? You can take advantage of this wonderful home remedies and let us know which one worked for you. Share this article on social media to help it benefit a lot of other people!

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