Simon calls woman “brave” for her song choice – A cappella rendition blows the judges away

X-Factor judges witness a great amount of talent each day so it’s a tough job to impress them. Contestants can get all the way to the semi-finals without them even registering their existence.

However in 2015,  this young woman, Chloe Paige left a lasting effect with her performance in the 6-Chair Challenge on the 12th edition of the UK’s X-Factor.

Paige was already well-known to viewers after her surprising audition for the show as she waltzed onto the stage in a revealing crop top and mini-skirt, rambled on about being “so excited” to get a chance to audition.

She revealed that singing is a popular hobby in her family:

I’m from a pretty musical family. My mom’s got a lot of brothers and sisters, and a lot of my mom’s sisters sing,” she said in the pre-taped audition footage.

Her rendition of Katy B’s “Crying for No Reason” impressed the judges so much she made it through to the next round:

I don’t know how somebody your age feigns something so deep like that; you literally sang from your soul. You are amazing,” said one judge.

Despite judge Simon Cowell being skeptical about her song choice, it certainly was good enough to get to the 6-Chair Challenge round of the show.

With a hint of sarcasm he said she was a “brave girl” once she announced she would be singing “Amazing Grace” in a cappella.

It’s evident she has vocals to pull it off, however it was going to take more than a great voice to convince the judges and audience.

But as Paige began the second verse of the song, the audience began to scream. Other contestants watch each other’s performances while Paige’s competitors look a little nervous that her voice was so strong.

Rita Ora fell back in her seat in awe of the performance. Once she was finished her performance, she basked in the praise of the judges.

What you did there, was you did a performance that not only, I think, makes you deserve a seat, it deserves you possibly a place in the finals,” said the previous skeptical Cowell.

Nick Grimshaw told her: “To be honest, I don’t remember Chloe Paige— but after that performance, I will never forget you again.”
Rita Ora looked blown away by Paige’s performance, she was actually the one who eliminated Paige from the show, despite her standing ovation from the audience. Ora chose to save contestants Louisa Johnson, Monica Michael, and Laurent Murray instead.
However Paige covered the Adele song “Hello,”  on posted on her YouTube channel which has been viewed over 265,000 times.


Also a video of her singing Adele’s “When We Were Young” in her friend’s kitchen circulated online which brought her back into the spotlight.

Take a look at her final performance on the show in the video clip below:

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