She Trusted Her Hair Stylist To Do Whatever He Wants. Wait Until You See The Result When It Dries…

Danny Moon, a guest stylist at a program demonstrates his new expertise known as the “locked-in color block” which can be found in a video from Pravana. This is a wonderful method in which coloring your hair can easily be done while using multiple colors and preventing them from running into one another.

As you see in the video, Moon goes through the arduous process of conducting this hair colouring trick. In the video, he makes use of VIVIDS locked-in colors and educates everybody on how to use it efficiently.

We can honestly say that we were pretty impressed as to how the colors did not transfer and mix. Although, the model used by Danny had blond hair, the dyes stayed put. Check out the video, and you would be mesmerized with the results!

As diligently explained by Moon in the video, you would need to first lighten your hair to a level 9 before the process. To do so, he recommends the use of Pure Light Powered Lightener.

After that process is complete, then start to separate the hair from its natural parts. You can start with the parts that are adjoining to the Crown, and then progress to behind the ears.

When the hair has been fully prepped, then you would need to start mixing the colors. If you look at the video, Danny makes use of VIVID’s locked-in series of colors which are pink, blue, purple, yellow and red.

This is where the block sectioning comes into play. With the help of a brush, Danny applies the colors in about 2 inch 3 inch block sections. If you try and emulate it, it is important for you to create straight and horizontal edges with every color, thereby making the design stand out.

It is because the colors are locked in, so when you place them, make sure that the sections have perfect edges. The way you place it is going to determine how it looks after you wash it out at a later time.

You need to follow the same color pattern from the first section and continue to work all around the head. This way, it will be colored in the same manner to create a wonderful pattern.

When the entire coloring is complete, let it sit for half an hour at normal room temperature. After this waiting period, simply rinse your head, and do not worry about any kind of color transfer. The end results would be spectacular. While, you might not have wanted your hair color to resemble a rainbow, you will certainly be able to achieve any look with this lock in color block method.

Some of the viewers have commented about this hair coloring process on YouTube: –

“There had better not be any kind of complaints about how this happens to be a very sorry excuse for a hair style or anything of that nature. This is a style that is along the lines of providing an extremely look, not a subtle graduation from one color to the other!”

“I have attempted to use the lock-in combination of teal and purple, and that teal happens to be fading to a greenish origin, and the purple is also transferring into the teal regions. This is not what I would have wanted with my new hair style.”

“The lock-in rainbow style seems to be a novelty, but why does the model happen to look so miserable; smiling and remaining happy would definitely improve the overall look.”

So, what do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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