She thinks she’s having twins, but a surprise in the delivery room shocks everyone

Miranda and Josh hoped to have several children once they started their own family.

However for different reasons, the couple, who are both professional nurses, had difficulties conceiving. Eventually they were blessed with a baby girl, Joslyn, with the assistance of IVF.

Miranda wanted more children, again through IVF, the couple found out that they were expecting twins, six weeks later.

However the couple had to embrace news which they would never have imagined.

I was shocked, the doctor was shocked,” Miranda said. “Never had that happened in his entire career.”

Miranda was pregnant with quadruplets,with two sets of identical twins – two boys, and two girls, all conceived at the same time, each shared an embryo and the same DNA.

This miraculous conception is extremely unusual.

Embryo splitting occurs approximately in one out of 100 embryo transfers. The chance of this outcome is approximately one in 10,000. This could also occur in a natural conception, but the chance of that is much rarer,” Dr. James Grifo said.

Miranda and Josh were concerned about delivering four healthy babies. Although doctors were amazed by the pregnancy, Miranda feared a miscarriage.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to have a miscarriage, and I was always thinking that I could go into preterm labor at any moment,” Miranda says.

We took it day by day,” Josh explained.

Six weeks prior to their arrival, Miranda delivered Mia, Madison, Jackson and James, on February 4, 2011.

Due to the high risks involved the couple were determined to deliver all four of their miracle babies despite doctors giving them the the option to abort some of the foetuses.

The twin boys were called Jackson and James and the twin girls, Mia and Madison. The family are now happy and complete.

Take a look at the full story in the video below:

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