She Takes To Nailing The Sides Of The Baby Crib To Her Wall. What She Hangs Off? PURE GENIUS!

Upon a new one baby coming to the house, the crib represents a very important household item. It is between the naps and the frequent check ins that happens during the night, the safety and comfortable essence of a crib plays a vital role apart from the comforting arms of parents.

There are various good-looking cribs that not only add elegance to the house, but are also extremely pretty. However, once your baby grows up, there isn’t a lot that you could do with the crib that is unless you are planning for your next child or willing to pass it down generations.

Since some of the cribs can be pretty big, simply storing it away can be pretty hard. Once your child grows older, getting rid of them may seem to be the ultimate choice. However, think about the steady structure of the crib, and it becomes a golden nugget for repurposing.

You may never know, but your favorite piece of furniture would be waiting in the nursery itself, all you need to do is to have a look at the pictures below for some inspiration!


Once your child outgrows the crib, it can be transformed into sensational and functional pieces of furniture.

This can be easily done by removing one side from the grave in order to create and activities along for your growing child.


The sides and the ends can be detached and painted in another color.


The slats on the cribs can be perfect for hanging the towels, magazines and scarves.


They can also be used to store precious china.


You can also create a kid’s desk by attaching the 2 ends of the crib.


This crib has been repurposed into a lounging couch by removal of one side of the crib.


The pieces can also be taken apart and reconfigured into an outdoor bench.


One can also make porch swings.


You can also convert it into a bunk bed so that your child can use it a bit longer.

This just goes to show that even old furniture can be turned into something unique with just a dash of creativity.

So, do you have a baby crib lying around in your house? What would you like to transform it into? Leave your comments in the comment section and share the post on social media!


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